29 · 09 · 2022

The Zendal Group strengthens the management organization chart with new incorporations and an eye focused on the growth plan

Porriño, September 22, 2022.- After two years of high intensity, in which there has been growth, expansion and know-how and with an eye on the future, the Zendal Group begins a new stage, with a management reinforced by two new figures that are incorporated into the organizational chart, the new general director, and an operations director.

After thanking the effort and collaboration of the entire team, specially in these two years of pandemic in which the demand has been maximum, the CEO of Zendal, Andrés Fernández, has described as «necessary» a transformation in the structure of the Group in line with its growth plans, which he explained will be strengthened in the coming months.

This has been communicated to the Group’s staff, which today exceeds 600 employees, adding the conviction that «these changes will serve to make us an even more robust and strengthened company to continue on our path of growth«.

This transformation begins with the appointment of Vanesa Andrade as general director of Zendal, a newly created position, and who will take charge of day-to-day matters that until now was handled directly by the CEO. Vanesa Andrade, until now director of operations at Zinereo Pharma, is an industrial technical engineer, specialized in mechanics, and she has a long history in the sector since she joined the group after the acquisition of AstraZeneca.

On the other hand, an Operations director is also appointed, who will be in charge of all Group’s production units, including within his functions: Engineering and Maintenance, Production, Quality, Planning and Logistics.

This new position is filled by Andrés Alonso Seisdedos, who will join the staff of Zendal Health, S.A. With a degree in Economic Sciences and a Master’s in Digital Transformation and Business Development, he has more than 20 years of experience in executive work in various sectors, among which the health and distribution sectors stand out.

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